Bus rental and minibus rental

One of City Tours Austria's main business division is the bus rental for bus transfers, sightseeing bus tours and bus excursions in Austria, and for bus trips starting from Austria and bus trips to Austria. Depending on the number of passengers, we can provide you with motor coaches of different sizes, minibuses or minivans with drivers.

Book buses via City Tours

If you want to rent a bus for a bus transfer, a sightseeing bus tour or a motor coach travel to or from Austria, please contact City Tours Austria by email at . Please remember to let us know the time and date when your charter bus service should take place, the number of passengers, the departure and destination and any further information that could play a role in the bus rental - for example if you need a ski rack or a trailer. Our team will get back to you in very little time and make you a tailor-made offer for your bus or minibus rental service in Austria.

Advantages of bus rental via City Tours

When reserving your bus or minibus via City Tours Austria, you enjoy the following advantages:

  • Buses always available: as far as bus rental in Austria is concerned, nothing is impossible for City Tours Austria. Our extended network of business partners enables us to always find a bus for our customers, even during intensive times. For that purpose, we also systematically move buses from one Federal State to another according to the current needs for buses in various places in Austria - before they are even needed. And if it should ever happen that there were no Austrian buses left in Austria, then we would use buses from neighbouring countries, thanks to City Tours Europe's many partnerships in other European countries. This way we can assure you that in 99,9% of all cases, you will be able to book the bus transfer or sightseeing tour you need.
  • Quick offer: considering that we coordinate everyday a large number of buses all over Austria, we are always up-to-date with the prices of all bus companies we work with in Austria. For the same reason, we always know approximately about the availability of our partners' vehicules. Consequently, no matter where you need a bus in Austria, we are always able to inform you quickly about the availability and price of your transfer or sightseeing tour in Austria - this way you save precious time!
  • Uninfluenced bus selection: the tour operator City Tours Austria does not operate its own bus fleet, but works together with carefully-selected bus companies all around Austria. Consequently, you can be sure that we do not want to rent a particular bus at all costs, even if this means reducing the service's quality. On the contrary: we regularly control all bus companies we work with, especially regarding security, reliability, customer service, and cost effectiveness. If a bus company does not match our expectancies, we do not hesitate to stop any cooperation with this company, in the interest of our customers. This way we can ensure that you will always the best quality of service when booking your coach or minibus via City Tours Austria.
  • Round-the-clock availability: when you decide for booking a bus via City Tours Austria, you can be 100% sure that in case of any difficulty occuring before or during the service, you will be able to contact a member of our team that will provide you with quick and competent assistance. For this purpose, we have a round-the-clock-available emergency hotline in our central office in Vienna.
  • City Tours' "regular customer" effect: last but not least, booking your bus via City Tours Austria also means for you a decisive advantage regarding your value to the performing bus company. If you booked a bus directly from a bus company as a one-off customer, there would always be a risk that the bus company would not provide you with the best possible service, considering that you wouldn't rent their buses again anyway. When booking via City Tours, the conditions are different: the local bus operator automatically regards you as a regular customer, for their direct customer is not you, but us - and of course, the bus operator does not want to antagonize a regular customer that provides him with so many contracts! To put it short: if you reserve your bus via City Tours, you are sure to be regarded and handled as a regular customer all over Austria.

The entire team of City Tours Austria is looking forward to your bus or minibus request at . We would be delighted to help you and make you a tailor-made offer for your bus charter service in Austria!