Interpreters in Austria

As an international company with organizational complexity, City Tours Europe constantly hires professional interpreters in relation with its ceremonies, events and sightseeing programmes, or to solve communication issues with customers from all around Europe. For this purpose, we have some in-house interpreters with university degree, but we also hire reliable, highly-qualified freelance interpreters. This led us to grow an extended and various interpreter directory for Austria - that's why we decided to also offer interpreter services to our customers.

City Tours Austria can currently provide you with interpreters for the following kinds of interpretation services:

  • Sign Language interpreters for Austrian Sign Language: Austrian Sign Language (ÖGS) is mother tongue to the hearing impaired in Austria. It is a full language that works with other means than the usual acoustic means - especially with gestures, lip movements and facial expressions. Contrary to common belief that there is one international Sign Language, each country actually has its own sign language - and all sign languages are just as different from each other as oral languages. The City Tours team uses Austrian Sign Language as one of their working languages in the central office, offers sightseeing tours to deaf people in Austrian Sign Language and can also provide you with Sign Language interpreters.
  • Simultaneous interpreters: thanks to its use in international organizations like the EU and UNO, simultaneous interpreting is the most famous kind of interpretation. A simultaneous interpreter usually works from an interpreter booth from which out he listens to a discourse in a source language via earphones and must render the same discourse in a target language into a microphone. Simultaneous interpreting also includes whispered interpreting: the interpreter and the public are in the same room - someone is discoursing in a source language and the interpreter has to "whisper" the same speech simultaneously in his target language. City Tours can provide you with interpreters specialized in simultaneous interpreting or whispered interpreting all around Austria.
  • Consecutive interpreters: in consecutive interpreting, a speaker first gives a speech in a source language - the interpreter listens and makes notes. Once the speech is over in the source language, the consecutive interpreter appears before the public and repeats it in a target language. Consecutive interpreting requires special note-making techniques together with an excellent memory. Consecutive interpreting is ideal for informal occasions or ceremonies that take place in rooms without special technical equipment. City Tours can provide you with consecutive interpreters anywhere in Austria.
  • Liaison interpreters: liaison interpreting is an subdivision of consecutive interpreting - yet much easier. Two - or more - interlocutors and the interpreter are in the same room. The interlocutors discuss a subject. After each of them is done speaking, the interpreter translateswhat was just said from the corresponding source language into the other interlocutor's language. Liaison interpreters can be used in various situations - for example during business negociations, a visit to the doctor, an interview, etc. City Tours can hire liaison interpreters anywhere in Austria.

How to hire a professional interpreter via City Tours

If you want to hire a professional interpreter via City Tours Austria, please contact us by email at . The more you let us know about the kind of event for which you need interpretation service and / or the circumstances for this service, the more quickly we can provide you with a tailor-made interpretation offer. We are looking forward to your email!