Bus trips starting from Austria

Together with the other divisions of City Tours Europe, the team of City Tours Austria offers their Austrian customers the organization of tailor-made bus trips from Austria to any other European country. We use the know-how of our partner bus operators, bus companies and bus travel agencies in Austria's neighbouring countries and all around Europe to organize your bus trip just as well as if we were on-site. Thanks to this europe-wide home field advantage of City Tours', each of our bus trips becomes an organizational masterpiece - all you have to do is relax and enjoy!

City Tours Austria is specialized in the organization of bus trips for the following countries:

  • Bus trips to Germany: thanks to the large and unprecedented scope of services of City Tours Germany, you can order bus trips to City Tours Austria to any destination in Germany. We will draw up your very own tailor-made travel programme and assume all hotel and restaurant reservations, book your tickets to shows and ceremonies. What's more, we make a point of carefully choosing competent and entertaining tour guides - for this purpose, we operate our own tour guide team in several places in Germany, including both in-house tour guides and reliable freelance tour guides. No matter if you want to visit the Passion Play in Oberammergau, to New Year's Eve in Berlin or just to swim in the Rhine, the City Tours Austria team would be delighted to organize every single detail for your bus trip in Germany.
  • Coach trips to Italy: considering our special relationship to Italy and thanks to our employees' proficient language skills in Italian and our friends and families in Italy, we work in cooperation with City Tours Italy in order to organize tailor-made bus trips from Austria to Italy. This brings you many advantages: only an Italian tour operator could organize your bus travel to Italy as competently as we do. What's more, we assume the whole communication process with Italian companies and act as a cultural intermediary both during the planning period and during the bus trip itself. Last but not least, the service providers in Italy do not regard you as a just any foreign customer, but as a guest from a business partner: which proves a considerable advantage in Italy, where personal relationships are of big importance!
  • Bus trips to France: in our central office in Vienna, we offer young French people an opportunity to get a first professional experience during an internship. Many of our former interns now have key positions in the field of tourism in France and actively support the organization of tailor-made bus trips in France and to France for our customers. What's more, French is one of the working languages in our office in Vienna - and we have very good relationships to many business partners in France. We make the most of these advantages when our customers entrust us with the organization of a tailor-made bus travel to France.

Apart from our main destinations described above, the City Tours Austria team can also organize private bus travels for private customers, companies, clubs, schools and institutions to any other destination in Europe, for example to Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain or Portugal. No matter where you want to go starting from Austria, the team of City Tours Austria would be delighted to assist you or at least - if we cannot do it ourselves - to recommend a competent partner company that will be able to organize your travel!

How to book a coach trip to any European country

If you want to entrust us with the planning, organization and performance of your motor coach trip starting from Austria, please write us an email including as much information as possible regarding the time and date, number of passengers, destination, and budget at . A competent specialist from City Tours Austria's team will get back to you in very little time and work out with you the best programme for your bus trip to any place in Europe.