Austrian ticket office

In combination with its own tourism-related services, incentives and sightseeing tours, City Tours Austria can take care of ticket reservation for concerts, musical entertainment, theater plays, cabaret, musicals and many other kinds of shows in Austria. In some rare cases, you can also book show and event tickets via City Tours Austria without booking any further service. Please understand that City Tours's main activity is not that of a ticket office: ticket reservation for shows and events in Austria is only an additional service we offer to our customers - and we cannot guarantee availability of tickets for all events in Austria.

Event tickets in Austria

You can book tickets to the following shows and events via City Tours Austria:

  • In combination with our bus excursions and sightseeing tours: as an additional service in combination with the booking of bus travels or other sightseeing tours in Austria, City Tours can provide you with tickets to about any theatre play, concert, opera, musical, or any other event in Austria. Of course, we cannot provide you with tickets if the show or event is already booked out. Yet we have an extended network of contacts and a solid know-how in the field of ticket service, and consequently we almost always manage to find the tickets our customers are looking for, even to very popular events.
  • Without combined booking of a sightseeing tour: please understand that we can only provide you with tickets to a limited number of events in Austria when not in combination with a sightseeing tour, an incentive or any other service also provided by City Tours. Yet you can anytime book tickets to the following shows in Austria without any need to reserve other services from City Tours:
    • Performances in the Spanish Riding School: book entries to gala performances of the Spanish Riding School's world-wide famous Lipizzans in Vienna.
    • Concerts in the Kursalon: get seats to Strauss and Mozart concerts in the Kursalon, with or without combined dinner in restaurant "Johann".
    • Concerts in Stiftskeller Sankt Peter: reserve tickets to Mozart dinner concerts in Stiftskeller Sankt Peter restaurant, in St Peter's Abbey in Salzburg.
    • Folk music from Tyrol: book your entries to folk music evenings in Innsbruck, provided by the Gundolf family.
    If you are interested in reserving tickets to one of the events in Austria described above, you can contact the team of City Tours Austria anytime. If you are looking for tickets to other events, concerts or performances in Austria, you can also contact us to know if City Tours could provide you with the right tickets.

How to reserve tickets via City Tours

To book tickets to events in Austria via the ticket office department of City Tours, please send us an email including your exact expectations at . We are looking forward to your email and will let you know if we can provide you with the tickets you are looking for.