Austrian tour representatives

Contrary to a tour guide, a tour representative does not provide the travellers with any explanation about the sights and the region, but is responsible for technical and administrative coordination of the travel and for passengers assistance. City Tours Austria constantly hires a large number of Austrian tour representatives for the bus trips we organize in Austria, from Austria and to Austria. Consequently, we now have an extended directory of tour representatives, including detailed information about their career and their strong points. We make the most of this directory when offering our customers to book tour representatives or tour managers via City Tours Austria not only in combination with the organization of their bus trip, but also as an individual service related to a bus travel that was not organized by City Tours.

When you choose to hire your tour representative via City Tours Austria, you enjoy the following advantages:

  • Competent time management: in order for a travel to be a real success, it is recommended to entrust a person with the time management of the programme and permanent contact with the bus driver and service providers (hotels, restaurants, etc.) so that waiting times are shorter and the travel takes place in the best possible conditions. Of course, you can also entrust a member of the group with this task - yet then the travel will not be as much fun for him / her. That's why we recommend hiring a neutral person for this purpose.
  • Solid local knowledge: when you hire a professional tour representative, you enjoy priceless advantages due to his local knowledge and - in most cases - personal acquaintance between your tour representative and the employees of all tourism-related companies you rely on. Consequently, your tour representative assures communication between travellers and local population and helps crossing cultural differences.
  • Better communication: of course, City Tours will provide you with a tour representative who can speak both the travellers' language and the language spoken in the country they are travelling to. This way, they act as a language mediator between travellers and local population, which significantly improves the general quality of the travel.
  • Controlling of the service providers: in principle, all tourism-related Austrian companies are known to make a point of offering to each customer optimal quality of service. Yet very often, a group that enters a place without a tour representative and a group that enters with a tour representative in City Tours Uniform happen to be handled very differently. Reception in restaurant and hotel, behaviour of the guide and the museum staff, even of supervisory staff in car parks - everything becomes much easier. Why? That's easy: The presence of a tour representative of City Tours' automatically points out that the group is not left alone, and that in case of complaints, City Tours will come into the picture - and whoever ever had to face a massive complaint of ours probably does not want it to happen again! :)
  • Assistance in case of problems: you can never know what for difficulties may happen during a travel. Forgotten bag, illness, pickpockets, lost travel documents are only some of the situations which our tour representatives have to face regularly. Of course, they cannot prevent such things from happening - but in case of emergency, it is always good to have someone with you who can help you quickly and efficiently and knows exactly to which institution he should turn under which circumstances.

For some services - for example a reservation of more than two horse-drawn carriages at once or a heurigen tour with travellers from foreign countries - a tour representative is absolutely necessary for on-site coordination. If your party does not already include a tour representative or if your tour representative does not have the necessary local knowledge and language skills, City Tours Austria automatically provides you with a competent tour representative for such services - for any other procedure would be irresponsible and would inevitably make both tourist party and service providers unsatisfied. For some other services, a tour representative can be hired but is not absolutely required by City Tours Austria - for instance during banquets with more than 12 persons in Vienna's Ferris Wheel, bus excursions to natural places or to sport events, airport bus transfers, etc. For yet other services, a tour representative is definitely not necessary - taxi transfers, sedan or minibus transfers for individual travellers and small groups, and all such travels that normally take place without any complication.

Depending on the kind of service, the kind of group and their origins, City Tours Austria can recommend booking a tour representative or not. Please do not hesitate to ask us at any rate: we will advise you objectively and without any intention to sell.

How to hire a tour representative via City Tours

If you want either to hire a tour representative in combination with a motor coach trip planned and organized by City Tours Austria or to reserve a tour representative to manage a bus trip in Austria - or anywhere in Europe - that was not organized by City Tours, we are looking forward to your email at . Please remember to let us know as far as possible the kind of service you need, how long it should last and what it should include, so that we can work out your tailor-made tour representative offer more quickly and provide you with more precise information regarding the price. We would at any rate be delighted to advise you regarding our tour management service!